Discuss this case. Identify the type of aphasia and relate it with the site of lesion. 

“This 51 year-old woman, previously healthy except for smoking, and postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy, underwent an elective total knee replacement surgery. The evening after the surgery, she was noted to be somewhat “confused” , but no other specific symptoms were noted. there was a question of an irregular heart rhythm at the time of evaluation. She went to sleep uneventfully. The next morning, her family reported she was speaking gibberish. She did not have any facial droop, arm or leg weakness, or numbness. The attending neurologist requested a speech-language assessment. The consulting SLP noted the following:

-Fluently spoken speech with impaired auditory comprehension

-Paraphasic subustitions and meaningless jargon utterances

-Poor repetition

-Substantial naming difficulty

-Moderately poor processing of written language

A brain MRI study showed an acute infarction in the left temporal lobe. The frontal and parietal lobes were not affected.”

What particular nutritional needs and dietary challenges do men face?

Use one of Duyff’s chapters 16-21 as a starting point. 

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