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  1. What Portuguese explorer was the first to round the Cape of Good Hope and reach Asia in 1498?
  1. Bartolomeo Dias
  2. Bartolomeo De Las Casas
  3. Francisco Pizarro
  4. Vasco Da Gama
  1. What group of native American people did Columbus and his men initially encounter in the Caribbean?
  1. The Caribs
  2. The Clovis Peoples
  3. The Inca
  4. The Taino
  1. What Spanish Conquistador would conquer the mighty Aztec Empire with a small force of only about 300 men?
  1. Vasco Da Gama
  2. Francisco Pizarro
  3. Juan Valdez
  4. Hernan Cortes
  1. What was the MOST decisive and devastating factor helping the Spanish to dominate the populations of the New World?
  1. Horses in battle
  2. Diseases like small pox and measles
  3.  Firearms
  4. Proven European military tactics
  1. The “Encomienda” System is the term which describes…
    1. The system of trade between the New World, Europe, and West Africa
    2. The system of a few wealthy elites with land grants from the crown, running large plantations and using forced native labor in the New World
    3. The system of slave trading on the coasts of West Africa with all its brutality
    4. The system of hard currency exchange between the New World and  Spain

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