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Out of 6 Section 3 Reflective Essay: Nike sells millions of shoes and shirts in a variety of retail stores ranging from Foot L to J.C. Penney, but the company is rapidly boosting its direct to consumer business, bypassing retail stores strategy has hundreds of retails stores upset with Nike, as the firm’s business on the Nike.com website rises 50 p in many quarters. By 2020, Nike projects that its direct sales to consumers will exceed $16 billion annually and ac for one third of the company’s revenue. Many sportswear chains, such as City Sports based in Dubai, are enc declining sales and profits, largely due to manufacturers such as Nike increasingly selling direct to consumers three largest publicly traded U.S. athletic retailers, Finish Line, Foot Locker, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, the perc their merchandise that comes from Nike is 73, 73, and 19 percent respectively – making even large firms cri vulnerable to Nike’s new strategy. a). Identify the name of the corporate strategy NIKE is following. b). What problems or opportunities NIKE can face in this strategy? Explain at least three opportunities and threats.

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