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What process provides the source or generates the thermal heat that leads to hotspots and melts the earth’s crust?

Hint: This is a review of HE#1 & HE#2 material… Please consider the definition of a hot spot. It is widely believed that hotspots form where the inner core makes contact with the mantle or lowermost asthenosphere.

Select one:

a. Radioactivity in the core

b. Conduction in the lithosphere

c. Convection in the asthenosphere

d. Radiation from the sun

The level of lava in the Lava Lake at the top of Kilauea reflects:

Hint: Kyle discusses changes to the level of lava in the Halema’uma’u several times in the video. It is a theme of the talk, and he discusses the cause.

Select one:

a. that the pressure in the mantle plumbing beneath Halema’uma’u is changing

b. that eruptions at Pu’u ‘O’o are actively changing in time

c. that fissures in Leilani estates are actively changing in time

d. that lava tubes are transporting varying amounts of flow to Kapoho Bay

e. that the pressure and amount of magma in Halema’uma’u magma chamber is changing

HVO and the USGS applied numberous monitoring methods in 2018. Here is a bit more information on those methods:

Which earthquake monitoring method allowed the Hawaii Volcanoes Observatory to detect magma migration and warn residents and homeowners at Leilani Estates?

Select one:

a. The location of seismicity (earthquakes) was migrating down the rift

b. Sulphur dioxide erupted from fissures in the down rift direction

c. Deformation or stretching of the land surface in the down rift direction

d. Migration of younger-aged lava erupted from fissures

e. All of these

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