This question tests your ability to apply your understanding of various concepts that you have learned about in Biology of Cells. You should focus on showing your understanding of main processes and concepts, not recalling small details a) Jo takes part in a trial of “scientific foods”, and is asked to eat a hamburger consisting of four ingredients: a bread roll, butter, onion, and a lean beef patty (i) Name the general types of chemical reactions that allow molecules in food to be broken down into building blocks, and those that synthesise macromolecules for use in cells. (2 marks) (li) Suggest a biological molecule/cellular structure that would likely be synthesized from the digested components of butter and beef patty. (2 marks) butter beef patty b) The onion has been genetically modified; it contains a gene (gene X) that codes for a protein (protein X) that reduces the chance of heart disease by breaking down excess triacylglycerides (fat) in the blood. (2 marks) (0) What processes are used to make protein X in the onion? (li) For protein X, suggest a possible mechanism of fat digestion (ie. what the protein might do/how it could work). (1 mark) (li) Name a method that could have been used to insert gene X into the cells of the onion. (1 mark) transgenic organism? (2 marks) (iv) Having eaten the “scientific food”, is Jo now a Explain

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