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What role does the ITCZ play in explaining seasonal rainfall patterns (i.e. difference between January and July rain totals) for the belt between latitudes 20°S and 20°N?

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Which of the following does NOT contribute to making a building resistant to earthquakes? A. Removal of all rubber and flexible materials B. Base wider than the top • O C. Overlapping bricks O D. Deep foundations . Which of the following statements about earthquake prediction is true? A. Earthquakes are easy to predict but difficult to protect against. B. Earthquakes are nearly impossible to predict with our current technology. O C. In developed areas, earthquakes can be predicted with enough time to evacuate a city. Developing countries do not have the technology to predict earthquakes. O D. Earthquakes can be predicted 50% of the time with our current technology . Determine which of the following is true about earthquakes: O A. Earthquakes can be detected with enough time to evacuate a city if a seismologist from the USGS has a measuring station in that city. B. Storing emergency supplies in safe locations around the city is a way to be prepared for earthquakes. O C. All of these OD. Involving the local community by training them in skills such as swimming and detective procedures is a way to be prepared for earthquakes. . Which of the following is a delayed effect of earthquakes that could happen after the immediate effects? O A. Roads destroyed O B. Building collapse O C. Tsunami • O D. Electricity cut off Which of the following was one of the deadliest natural disasters in history? . A. The Sichuan Landslide in 2008 O B. The 6.7 magnitude LA Earthquake in 1994 C. The Madrid Volcanic Eruption of 1998 D. Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004 D Why does Pakistan experience frequent earthquakes? • O A. It is located near many volcanoes and the pressure from the magma buildups causes earthquakes. • O B. It lies on a divergent plate boundary between Eurasia and the Middle East. • O C. It lies on a convergent collision plate boundary between India and Eurasia. • O D. It does not experience earthquakes. Where in the USA would you be most likely to find earthquake proof buildings? A. Miami, FL B. Philadelphia, PA . O C. San Francisco, CA . O D. Austin, TX Who monitors how structures respond to earthquakes and then applies that knowledge to new construction projects? . A. The Army Corps of Engineers B. The United States Geological Survey • O C. Independent contractors • OD. NASA Which city is being described by the following earthquake effects: 1) Aftershocks made people afraid to return to the area. 2) Once a busy port, it never regained its status after the earthquake. 3) Hundreds of fires raged across the city from broken gas pipes. O A. LA, Unites States . O B. Madrid, Spain • O C. Kobe, Japan . O D. Sichuan, China What social programs might be necessary after an earthquake? A. Homeless shelters . O B. All of these C. Government aided rebuilding projects . D. Food and water relief supplies

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