Identification Information Assigned Unknown: Staphylococcus epidermidis Identified Unknown: Staphylococcus epidermidis Gram Reaction & Morphology: Gram Positive Cocci Auto-Inoculation Used: Yes Test Detail (Chronological Order): 1 Gram Reaction {+} Eliminated (71) Remaining (53) Recorded 1 time(s) Observations: none No errors recorded 2 OF glucose oxidation {} Eliminated (3) Remaining (50) Recorded 1 time(s) Observations none Invalid incubation length 3 OF glucose fermentation {} Eliminated (4) Remaining (46) Recorded 1 time(s) Observations: none Invalid incubation length 4 Alpha hemolysis {*} Expected {-} Eliminated (26) Remaining (20) Recorded 2 time(s) Observations none No errors recorded Errors recorded on previous attempts: No errors recorded 5 Beta hemolysis {-} Eliminated (4) Remaining (16) Recorded 2 time(s) Observations done No errors recorded Case Study Х Case 116: 25 Rowdy had a great idea for his science fair project. His 4H Club had taught him that nutrition can play a significant role in the health of farm animals. He had been studying microbes in his biology class and wondered if altering the diet of his heifer would change the microbes found on her skin. He took swab cultures of her lips and nose and isolated and identified several prominent organisms. Then, he changed the diet and repeated the cultures. This organism was found only in the initial cultures. OK diting 3. For Respiratory 2: Click on the B? button at the top of the lab page then click on Reference Books and either the Gram Positive or Gram Negative folder (whichever applies). Find the bacteria in the list that matches the “Assigned Unknown” listed on your lab report a. What symptoms does infection by this bacteria normally cause? b. What type of predisposing factors increase the chances of infection by this organism? c. What details listed in the case study give clues to how this infection occurred? (You may have to think outside the box for this last answer – remember, this program is not just used in nursing programs, it is also used in vet programs).

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