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what tests we need to do in the lab in order to identify Bacillus cereus (besides colony morph, G. stain, endospore, aerotolerance, motility, TSI, EMB, hemolysis, PR glucose, mannitol, MR-VP,)? I already did these tests, but I need to know what other tests I can do ti ID the B. cereus? And what test I don’t need to do? explain why for both question

Describe two ways that stem cells can be induced to divide asymmetrically

.2. Myelinated axons have the conduction velocity of much larger axons (unmyelinated of

course) because of all the following reasons, except:

a. voltage channels are only present at the nodes of Ranvier.

b. saltatory conduction.

c. more ion channels are present in myelinated axons.

d. insulation.

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