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Carbon and hydrogen have similar electronegativities and combine together to form hydrocarbon molecules. What type of bonds form between these atoms? A. Hydrogen B. Ionic C. Polar covalent D. Non polar covalent E. Electrostatic

1.Most scientists agree that global warming is underway; thus, it is important to know how plants respond to heat stress. Which of the following would be a useful line of inquiry to try and improve plant response and survival to heat stress?

 A.the opening of stomata to increase evaporation al heat loss
 B.the production of heat-stable carbohydrates
 C.protoplast fusion experiments with xerophytic plants
 D.all choices are correct
 E.increased production of heat-shock proteins

2.Air is filtered in the nasal passages by:

 B.hair in the nasal passage


Process/processes that does not require energy for movement of molecules is/are

 A.Osmosis only
 B.Diffusion only
 C.Active Transport
 D.Diffusion and Osmosis

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