What type of cell is shown above? (1 pt) 3. Complete “procedure 2” below. Please substitute pens or crayons for clay (unless you have clay at home and would like to send photos!) (7 points) Procedure 2 Building a Myelin Sheath In this procedure you will demonstrate the difference between the methods by which Schwann cells and oligodendrocytes myelinate the axons of neurons in the peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system, respectively. Both types of cells create the myelin sheath by wrapping themselves around the axon repeatedly (as many as 100 times). Recall, however, that Schwann cells can myelinate only one axon, whereas oligodendrocytes send out “arms” to myelinate several axons in their vicinity. 1 Obtain four colors of modeling clay (blue, green, yellow, and red, if available). 2 Use the following color code to build three central nervous system (CNS) axons, one peripheral nervous system (PNS) axon, one oligodendrocyte, and two Schwann cells: a CNS axons: blue bPNS axon: green c Oligodendrocyte: yellow d Schwann cells: red 3 Build your oligodendrocyte so it reaches out to myelinate the three CNS axons. 4 Build your Schwann cells so they myelinate the single PNS axon, making sure to leave a gap for the node of Ranvier. Answer the following questions and submit for credit: 1. Label a-h (2pts) 2. What type of cell is shown above? (1 pt)

Explain the 4 levels of protein structure, include interactions and bonds in your answer. (2 marks)

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