Plasmids used in vitro to clone foreign DNA fragments are called & transgenic b. cDNA С clones vectors e conjugants Q. 19. Phenol tuned in DNA organic extraction precipitates DNA and leave proteins in aqueous solution X precipitates RNA-protein complex and leave DNA in aqueous solution e precipitates cell debris and leave nucleic acids-protein complex in aqueous solution 2. precipitates proteins and leave nucleic acids in aqueous solution Q. 18. What does the DNA extraction solution contain? cthanol and salt b. salt and detergent e detergent and othanol d. ethanol Q. 19. DNA can be isolated from other cellular components using different techniques. Which of the following is NOT a TECHNIQUE for DNA isolation? a. solid phase b. inorganic semiconductive d. organic Q. 20. The DNA and RNA used in PCR reaction is called the l. backbone b. buffer enzyme template Q. 15. Which of the following are true about ethidium bromide? intercalates into DNA, between baso-pairs fluoresces visible light when exposed to UV light cacts as mutagen and may be carcinogenic d creates a visible, blue dye wherever DNA/RNA is present all of the above Q. 16. Who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993 for inventing PCR? 2. David Baltimore Kary Mollis Robert Weinberg d. John Nash e none of the above Q. 17. What type of PCR quantifies the rate at which new DNA is synthesized? real time b. allele specific c multiplex d. quantitative e none of the above Q. 18. Which of the following is true regarding PCR? .. denaturing involves heating at 90-98°C b. anneling involves binding of primers between 40-60°C primer extension occurs at 72°C all of the above e none of the above Q.19. Reverse transcriptase PCR uses mRNA as a template to form cDNA 6. RNA as a template to form DNA c. DNA as a template to form ssDNA d. all of the above c. none of the above

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