s Match each microtubule population with the function it performs in the mitotic spindle: a.) support framework and interdigitate with the opposing pair b.) attach to chromosome at the kintechore c.) radiate from centrosome, determine cleavage plane 16.) astral microtubules – [insert answer here) 17.) kintechore micotubles- [insert answer here] 18.) polar microtubules – [insert answer here) Multiple choice questions. Mitosis and cytokinesis. Highlight the correct answer! 19.) We covered the function of the mitotic spindle in class. Are centromeres actually necessary for mitosis in cells? 2pts a.) Yes b.) No 20.) Once the sister chromatids are lined up along the division plane during mitosis in metaphase, and before the separation of the chromatids what type of state are the kintechore microtubules in? 2pts a.) treadmilling b.) rapid polymerization c.) rapid depolymerization 21.) The purpose of the spindle assembly checkpoint is to? 4pts

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