What type of tissue is directly below the skin of the frog on its belly surface? a. Muscle b. Stomach c. Nerve d. Intestines Digestive system 16. What structure can be seen at the posterior end of the mouth cavity, that leads to the sto Respiratory System I 17. How many lungs does a frog have? Circulatory System 18. What purpose do capillaries serve? 19. What type of blood vessel brings blood towards the heart from the tissues? 20. What type of blood vessels brings the blood away from the heart to the tissues? 21. How many chambers does a frog’s heart have? Reproductive System 22. Where does sperm and eggs exit the frog’s body? 23. Where does fertilization happen in frogs? Excretory System 1 24. What is the main organ of the excretory system? 25. How many kidneys does a frog have? 26. The kidney’s “cleanse” what fluid of the frog? 27. Urine goes from the urinary bladder out of the frog through what structure? Nervous System 28. The most anterior parts of the frog’s brain controls what sense? 1 29. The optic lobe controls what sense? Double-click to hide while space Muscular System 30. Muscles in the frog’s upper leg control what? 31. Muscles in the frog’s lower leg control what? Skeletal System 32. The spine of the frog is in which region of the skeleton? (circle one) Appendicular/Axial 33. The toe bones of the frog are in which region of the skeleton? (circle one) Appendicular/Axial

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