What advantages and disadvantages does alternative splicing provide to eukaryotes? Be sure to include the role of introns in evolution (advantage) and in disease states (disadvantage).

  1. (5 marks) Explain the molecular basis for Huntington’s Disease and how DNA fragment analysis is used to (a) confirm diagnosis, (b) identify carriers, and (c) predict new patients.
  2. ( 6 marks) Your answer to (c) above contains one possible mechanism for neurodegenerative disorders caused by trinucleotide repeats. Briefly explain 2 other mechanisms for this type of genetic disorder. Give an example for each.
  3. How does an enhancer differ from a promoter? List at least three differences.
  4. What variations of indirect insemination occur? What are the costs and benefits of indirect insemination compared to direct insemination? relating to arthropods

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