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What was the most difficult organizational change that you’ve experienced in your career? What strategies did you (or management) employ to enable the employees to get “to the other side” of the outcome?

Capital market segmentation What is the definition of capital market segmentation and what is its significance for multinational capital budgeting (aka foreign project valuation). How would you include capital market segmentation in your foreign project valuation? 5.

Write in detail with examples about two influential tactics you use often? which are the others you can develop and use in your professional life? Also, elaborate 3 ways you can extend your social network (networking).

Write down arguments in favor of implementing the user charge/fee you chose as though you are trying to convince an elected official to vote for it on the merits. Saying you can’t think of any arguments in favor is not an acceptable answer. Maybe you think that, in and of itself or as an alternative to some other general tax, the charge/fee makes sense and appropriately addresses one or more of the competing characteristics/concepts usually used to analyze taxes: (adequate, progressive, exportable, diversified, benefit correlation, discouraging or encouraging specific consumption to achieve a social goal, simplicity, neutrality, competitiveness, etc) or perhaps it meets some other goal. A $3 charge (copay) for any Medicaid recipient every time he or she has his or her Medicaid prescription filled, or refilled, by a pharmacy. No fee (copay) had existed previously. The copay will recover about 2% of the cost of Medicaid prescriptions.

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