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What was your initial reaction and thoughts when we had to switch unexpectedly to online system of teaching? 2. Did you take advantage of this new system or nothing changed because of the impact of this pandemic? 3. As a student of biology-understanding that you all must be planning a career in the field of health sciences how does this impact your resolve or are you planning to change your career plans? 4. Do you think this course was helpful to understand and corelate the basic principle of biology to the societal impact of technology? 5. What do you think we will have first a vaccine first or a drug? What are your thoughts based on logical reasoning? 6. Did you have computers and internet facilities to work with and other logistic support to attend virtual classes? 7. How are you managing your distance learning demands and your home life? Be realistic. 8. How did the distance learning mode during the lock down period impacted your academic and professional goals and experiences? 9. How did you manage your time during the lock down period? 10. Moving forward would you prefer distance learning mode over Face-To-Face learning? 11. What is patenting 12. What is a trademark? 13. What is the role of FDA? 14. What are Bio sensors- give some examples? 15. How aquatic organisms serve as important research tools?

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