What ways did European colonization effect both African and Amerindian peoples? 2. What has been the long term impact of colonialism on those people?

Focus on the top maps. The top maps illustrate average January sea surface temperature and wind. There are three symbols on the map: • The colors represent surface seawater temperature in degrees Celsius. If you are more comfortable thinking in Fahrenheit, 18 C is roughly 64 F, while 30 C is roughly 86 F The lines are called isotherms and also represent temperature. They’re just like contour lines on a topo map. For example, any point that lies on the line that says “29” is a point where the sea surface temperature is 29 C(~84 F). The arrows represent wind direction. (17) In 1992, where do you find the warmest sea surface temperatures? (Specify with a range of latitude and longitude.) Where do you find the coolest sea surface temperatures? . Warmest: Coolest: (18) Scroll through the top maps for 1993-2001. Do these data look similar to the 1992 data with respect to sea surface temperatures and winds?
TAO/TRITON Monthly SST (C) and Winds (m 3-1) 140°E 160°E 180° 160°W 140°W 120°W 100°W 30 28 26 10°N 5°N 0° 5°S

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