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What will some of the main problems observed as a customer in a restaurant which is over-crowded/busy and you have to wait for over 20 minutes just to get a table? Create a fish bone/cause & effect/Ishikawa diagram. Choose two potential causes from one of the 5Ms or 1E and perform a ‘5 why’ analysis on them to identify the potential root cause/causes of the problem.

Based on a careful work study in the Hofstetter? Corp., the results shown in the following table have been? observed:

Performance Rating 120 % 115% 85 % 80 % Observation (minutes per cycle) 5 Element 41 40 34 37 34 13 4 15 40 Prepare daily reports Photocopy r Label and package reports Distribute reports esults 17 21 16 454

?* Photocopying machine? broken; included as delay in the allowance factor

?^ Power? outage; included as delay in the allowance factor

The allowance factor for this type of work is given to be 18?%.

?c) The number of observations that are required for a 99?% confidence level within 5?%accuracy? =______?(round your response to the immediate higher whole? number)

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