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What would happen to a chromosomal microtubule if you stopped polymerization during mitosis? A. Sister chromatids would not be able to separate and the mitotic chromosomes would continue to look like metaphase chromosomes OB. Depolymerization would also stop so that the chromosomal microtubules can keep their length constant OC. It could cause cancer D. Nothing. These microtubules can depolymerize but they don’t polymerize once they are in the mitotic spindle QUESTION 22 1 points In the Meselson-Stahl experiments with DNA replication, why did they use 14N? O A. To make the DNA radioactive OB. They didn’t. They used 15 and 16 to label DNA but they didn’t use 14 OC. So that it would produce DNA which is dark when it is stained by their procedures OD. To be able to distinguish between the DNA that the cells started with and the newly synthesized DNA Click Save and submit to save and submit. Click Save All Answers to save all answers. Save All Answers Question Completion Status: During lagging strand DNA synthesis, DNA polymerase adds: A. An RNA primer before the dNTPs can be added OB. Single stranded DNA binding proteins before the helicase binds C. dNTPs to the end of the lagging strand OD. ONTPs only to the end of the growing DNA strands QUESTION 24 1 points Save Answe Which of the following is not necessary for eukaryotic mRNA to be fully mature and functional? A Codons on the mRNA must be complementary to the anticodons on the RNA B. I must be in the nucleus OC. Any introns exons must be removed D. It must have a 3 poly A I Click Save and Subant to save and submit. Click Save All Answers to save all answers Save All Aniwers Save and Sub MacBook Pro Which of the following are some of the reasons that plants need water, light and CO2 to grow? OA. They need water for the Calvin cycle, light for the 2-scheme and CO2 for reactions in the cytoplasm OB. They need light to split water so that the electrons produced can start electron transport. The CO2 is necessary to make sugars in the dark reactions OC. They don’t. All they need is water and light for the light reactions but CO2 is produced by plants, it is not used by them D. They need water for hydrolysis reactions, light as the first electron donor to start electron transport and CO2 for the Calvin cycle QUESTION 26 1 points What did Hershey-Chase conclude from their experiments with radioactively labeled viruses? O A DNA viruses do not contain RNA OB. DNA contained the virulence factor in the phages C. DNA replication is semi-conservative OD DNA carries the genetic information passed from parent viruses to their progeny Click Save and Submit to save and submit Chick Save All Answers to save all answers Save Al Answers Save and su MacBook Pro Hussain… Welcome, Hussain… – YouTube h Hulu Netflix Amazon Homepage inbox I Gradescope Chegg.com wow presents Show Timer Question Completion Status: What would you most likely expect to see if you grew bacteria in Brdu for one generation and used the same stain as was used to study DNA replication in eukaryotic cells? A. The DNA in all of the daughter cells (progeny) would be dark B. The bacteria would convert BrdU into thymidine OC. It wouldn’t do anything because bacteria can’t grow on Brdu D. It would make the RNA dark 1 points Save Answer QUESTION 28 Which of the following is not something that COP proteins could do? O A. Act as a transmembrane receptor in transition vesicles B. Help to form vesicles to bud off of a membrane Label a vesicle to show what is inside of it OD. Help to make sure that a transion vesicle moves in the right direction Save and Submit Chick Save and Subunit to save and submit. Click Save All Ansters to see all answers MacBook Pro Show Timer Question Completion Status: Which of the following is true? OA. The Meselson-Stahl experiments with 15 DNA proved that DNA replication was conservative in the first generation but semi- conservative in the second generation OB. The Avery experiments (with protease, DNAs and RNAse) concluded that DNA is the genetic material in the pneumococcus transformation experiments OC. The Hershey-chase experiments with radioactive proteins and radioactive DNA proved that viruses contained DNA, not RNA D. The Griffith experiments (with heat-treated smooth cols) proved that DNA contains the penetic information passed from parental to progeny cells QUESTION 30 1 points Sven Which of the following is true? O A. Many genes in a cell are not transcribed until they are induced to do so OB. All of the genes in a cell can be expressed but the exons cannot be transcribed OC. An RNA polymerase is only used for transcription and not for DNA replication D. The DNA of your heart colis contains different genes than your kidney cells Save and Submit Click Save and Submit to save and submit. Click Save All Ansters to see all answers Save Al Answers MacBook Pro

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