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When does composition break down? * O When there is a metaphor or an idiom. O With SVO syntax. O When there is a subject and a predicate. O When there is a tautology. 19. Which is an example of metaphor? * O The man saw the boy with the telescope. The moon is a yellow button on a long black coat. Life is like a box of chocolates. O He swims beautifully. * 20. Which is a myth about bilingualism? о O That bilinguals tend to outperform their monolingual peers in school. O That bilinguals are confused. That bilingualism is more prevalent in the world than monolingual-ism. O That bilinguals code switch. 21. What is a dual language classroom like?* O Only one language is spoken. Three languages are spoken. O A second language is taught one period of each day. All content and instruction is taught in both languages, typically alternating one language per day 22. What has been a common feature of “Generation 1.5?” * O The heritage language is lost. O Members become balanced bilinguals. O Members avoid any kind of assimilation. O The heritage language is fully maintained. 23. How many languages are estimated to be spoken in the world today? O 800 50 O 6,000 0 20,000

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