When more action potentials arrive at the axon terminal, how is the postsynaptic cell affected? A) Neurotransmitter release increases, but does not change the graded potentials that follow. B) Neurotransmitter release increases, thereby increasing the frequency or magnitude of graded potentials in the postsynaptic cell. Neurotransmitter release does not change, thus the postsynaptic cell behaves the same way it always behaves. C) D) Neurot transmitter release does not change, but voltages applied to the postsynaptic cell increase. 16. Which of the following is an opsonin? A) IL-2. B) C1 protein. C) C3b protein. D) C-reactive protein. E) Membrane attack complex. 17. Untreated type 1 diabetes melli tus is characterized by Decreased sensitivity of adipose and skeletal muscle cells to insulin. A) B) Higher-than-normal plasma insulin concentration. C) Loss of body fluid due to increased urine production. D) Age-dependent onset (occurs only in adults). E) obesity

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