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1. When the Agouti gene is switched off via methylation, mice will be
Select one:a. brown and healthyb. yellow and obesec. prone to diabetes. susceptible to cancer
2. Heterozygous can be used to describe
Select one:a. a gene that has several different effects. an allele that has several different forms c. an individual with different forms of a genned. a chromosome mixed up by crossing over
3. A pedigree showing a high proportion of affected individuals of one sex:
Select one:a. does not tell us anything about the traitb. is likely to be a trait on the autosomes c. is likely to be a trait on the X chromosome d is likely to be a trait on the Y chromosome
4. Natural selection
Select one:a. is basically the same thing as artificial selection, with the same results b. comes in different forms such as directional or disruptive selection. always leads to the best outcome for the species. is more about survival than reproduction

You are comparing the structure of a channel protein that transports polar molecules across the plasma membrane to an enzyme that is in the cytoplasm. What type of amino acid side chains (i.e., polar or nonpolar) do you expect to be in the following positions: • outside of the channel, interacting with the hydrophobic region of the lipid bilayer • the outside of the cytoplasmic enzyme • the center of the channel where solutes pass • the center of the cytoplasmic enzyme Please explain your answers.

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