Lysozyme is not found in a. tears b. saliva c. sweat d. bacteriophages c. all the above contain lysozyme 43. PMNs with defective lysosomes are unable to a. move by chemotaxis b. recognize apsonins c.destroy antigens d. live c. attach to a bacterial cell 44. Bacteriophages and DNA human viruses do not differ significantly in which one of the following steps? a. attachment b. penetration c. uncouting d. biosynthesis e. release 45. Which of the following would be involved in reacting to a first time exposure to Mycobacterium where lari! a. a pre-7-10 day production of IgM b. activation of T cells by T cells only c. memory B cells d. MHC IO II e the macrophuge as the first leukocyte arriving to the site of infection 46. The Fregion can do all the following except a. interact with pseudopods b. bind to B cells c. bind to T cells d. bind to pens c. initiate endocytosis 47. Lysogeny can a. be linked to cervical cancer b. be linked to Streptococcus pneumoniae infections c. cause the production of a new bacterial strain d. be used as a possible cure for cancer e all the above

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