Which branch of study was NOT represented in the two Biointeractive videos? a archaeology b. anthropology c. geography d. genetics e. immunology years ago was found by 30. The evidence that teosinte was used by people 10,000 a. examining preserved stomach contents b. by finding microfossils of teosinte on grinding stones c. by finding preserved teosinte kernels in deep soil d. by finding preserved teosinte kernels in shallow soil e. by finding preserved teosinte in burial grounds with skeletons 31. The mc1R gene stands for: a. melacorticom 1 recepteor b. melanin corticosteroid 1 rehabilitation c, mutual cofactor 1 recidivism d. melanogaster cortisone first reactor e. marfan’s syndrome 1 receptor 32. Which of the following is NOT a use of melanin? a. production of supernuclear caps camouflage thermal regulation sexual reproduction protection from UV radiation between maize and ts of a cross between maize and teosinte revealed one pure maize and 1 33. Because 1 out of 3000 plants pure teosinte, there are most likely genes involved in determining phenotype in these organisms. a. 1-2 b. 2-3 c. 3-4 d. 4-5 e 5-6 34. Only one gene in maize was known to be involved with which particular trait? a. fruiting case texture b. root depth c color d. height e width

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