Which of the following citric acid cycle intermediates is found at the traditional start and finish of the cycle? isocitrate oxaloacetate O O O O O a-ketoglutarate succinate citrate QUESTION 21 In addition to pyruvate dehydrogenase, which of the following enzymes is a key regulatory site in the citric acid cycle? malate dehydrogenase succinyl CoA synthetase a-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase None of the answers is correct. succinate dehydrogenase Choose the correct path taken by a pair of electrons as it travels down the electron-transport chain. FADH2 – Complex III – COQ – Complex II – Cytc-Complex IV – 02 NADH – Complex I – Complex II – Complex III – Cyte – Complex IV – 02 FADH2 – Complex I – COQ – Complex III – Cyte – Complex IV – 02 NADH-Complex I-CoQ-Complex III – Cyte – Complex IV – 02 None of the answers is correct. QUESTION 23 Which enzyme transfers electrons from a membrane-soluble carrier to a water-soluble carrier in the electron-transport process? succinate-Q reductase ATP synthase cytochrome c oxidase NADH-Q oxidoreductase Q-cytochrome c oxidoreductase

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