1)This cranial nerve contains axons carrying general sensory information coming from the face and other areas of the head . it also contains axons going from the brain to the innervate?


B) Olfactory

C) Vagus

D) Abducens

2) This nerve carries sensory information containing both auditory (hearing) and equilibrium (balance) information



C) OlFactory

D) Hypoglossal

3)When you move your tongue during activities like speech and eating. this cranial nerve is activating the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of the tongue. No sensory information is carried by this nerve, only motor.



C) Optic

D) Vagus

4)The superior oblique eye muscle is activated by this cranial nerve


B) Vagus

C) Optic

D) Trochlear

5) When you smell a flower, nerve impulses created by the odor molecules are sent to the brain through this nerve

A) Optic

B) Oculomotor

C) Olfactory

D) Facial

6) When you see a flower, visual information is sent from the eyes to the brain through this nerve

A) Abducens

B) Accessory

C) Optic

D) Oculomotor

7) This cranial nerve innervates and activates the lateral rectus eye muscle

A) Trochlear

B) Optic

C) Oculomotor

D) Abducens

8) Which of the following cranial nerve is active during the movement of the eye

A) Oculomotor

B) Trigeminal

C) Accessory

D) Glossopharyngeal

9) When you smile and frown, you are activating muscle of the face via this cranial nerve. It also carries some taste sensory information from the anterior tongue

A) Accessory

B) Vagus

C) Facial

d) Tregeminal

10) Motor nerve impulses to contract portions of the trapezius muscle are carried in this cranial nerve

A) Accessory

B) trochlea

C) Glossopharyngeal

D) Oculomotor

11) Taste sensations from the posterior portion of the tongue travel along this nerve to the brain

A) Oculomotor

B) Glossopharyngeal

C) Abducens

C) Olfactory

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