Which of the following features does NOT characterize the morphology and/or physiology of most or all primate species?

Question options:

a) 5 digits on prehensile hands and feet
b) relatively mobile/flexible shoulder joings
c) a large brain relative to body size
d) nails instead of claws
e) sensitive finger and toe pads
f) stereoscopic vision (good depth perception)
g) a good sense of smell
h) giving birth to one offspring at a time
i) color vision (either dichromatic or trichromatic)
j) 4 types of teeth
k) a tendency toward an upright rather than horizontal posture

Which of the following features does NOT characterize the behavior and/or abilities of most primates?

Question options:

a) the ability to distinguish between kin and non-kin and different types of kin
b) exploitation of an omnivorous diet
c) A good deal of behavioral flexibility that is learned (rather than solely innate, reflexive behaviors)
d) the ability to keep track of the rank of themselves and other group members
e) living in social groups (rather than alone/being solitary)
f) nocturnal (active mostly at night)

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