When electromagnetic radiation enters living organisms, it interacts with the DNA and breaks down water to form free radicals a true b. false 2. Which form of electromagnetic radiation has the shortest wavelength ?a. gamma rays and x-rays b. ultraviolet light c. visible light d. infrared light 3. Ultraviolet light is able to penetrate solid objects. a true b. false 4. Even though ultraviolet light is considered relatively safe, skin should not be unnecessarily exposed and eyes should be protected from excess UV irradiation a true b. false a. UVA 5. Exposure of bacteria, to which group of ultraviolet light, results in the formation of pyrimidine dimers? b. UV-B c. UV.C 6. At what wavelength is electromagnetic energy most bactericidal? What is the effect if the wavelength is twice as long as this? Half as long? Questions-Period One 1. Why was half of the plate shielded from the ultraviolet light? How much bacterial growth would you expect on the shielded half of the plate? Dashboard Calendar To Do Notifications MInbox

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