Which of the folowing is not true about microRNA genes they produce small 21-22 nucelotide final RNAS they comprise about 1000 genes or -5% of the eukaryotic geneome each micro RNA only targets one gene the processed micro RNA product is cleaved by proteins including Drosha and Dicer and then assciates with other proteins to form the function miRNA RISC complex they can fucntion to either inhibit translation or lead to mRNA degredation QUESTION 61 With of the following is not true about Rho dependendnt termination of transcritption in procaryotes? Rho protein recognizes and binds to a specific termination sequence 50-90 bases long located on the 3′ end of new RNAS Rho acts as an ATP dependnt unwinding enzymd moving toward the 3′ end of the RNA and separating it from the DNA Both A and B are not true Rho dependent termination is dependent on the formation of a haipin in the end of the newly forming mRNA A. B and Care all true

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