Complete the following table comoarine the different animal erouos RwormCrafish Hydra Symmetry lyes or no; if yes what kind) Tissue organlzation (yes or no; if yes how many layers) Type af body cavity Hound Complete the followiag table to compare the phyls Anmelld Arthropod Echinodem Mcilusc Segmented Mantle/viscerut mass/toat Jolated appendagas Radial aymmetry Complete the following usle, wtich ises a representative animal from cerain phyla Spango Hydra Flatworms Mu’ticelluiity No tue tissues True tissu Radtal symmelryi two germ layers [only) Bilateral symmetry: three germ layers Acoelomates Body cavity Paeudoeoelomates In #4 Please indicate in each box what is required. If present say ‘Yes ” or “present” if not

Which is true of ketosis? A) Since 2 out of 3 ketone bodies are acids, they can lead to acidosis B) Kidneys try to eliminate the excess acids, which leads to dehydration C) Acetone might be expelled from the lungs D) A and B E) A, B and C

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