Which law explains the relationship between gas pressure and volume of its container? a. Boyle’s Law b. Dalton’s Law cHenry’s Law d. Newton’s Law 19. Blood in the right ventricle is a. deoxygenated; aorta b. oxygenated; aorta and leaves the heart through the c. deoxygenated; pulmonary trunk d. oxygenated; pulmonary trunk. 20. Capillaries, unlike veins and arteries: are surrounded by a layer of smooth muscles b. a. are surrounded by a layer of connective tissues are made of stratified squamous epithelium have sphincters that control the flow of blood into them c. d. 21. The uppermost portion of the respiratory tract is lined with: [HINT: think of your histology drawing) a. cilated cuboidal epithelium b. hyaline cartilage c. ciliated pseudostratified epithelium d. simple squamous epithelium 22. The “Bohr effect” or “Bohr shift” states that as CO) dissolves into blood, the blood becomes and oxygen is released from the blood to the tissues quickly. d. basic; less more c. basic; more b. acidic; less a. acidic: more

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