Which muscle property best explains the autorhythmicity of the heart? a. extensibility b. contractility c. Involuntary control d. electrical excitability Save Answer Question 30 of 100 Which molecule has an ATP-binding site? O a. actin O b. tropomyosin O c. myosin O d. troponin Save Answer Question 31 of 100 The A band corresponds to the full length of which component of the sarcomere? a. titin filament b. tropomyosin c thin filament d. thick filament Save Answer Question 32 of 100 What happens immediately after ATP attaches to myosin? O a. The myosin head pivots from a 90° angle to a 45° angle. O b. The myosin head attaches to actin. O c. The myosin head hydrolyzes ATP to ADP. O d. The myosin head detaches from actin. Save Answer Question 33 of 100 Activation of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors on skeletal muscle cells leads most directly to a/an a. receptor potential b. end plate potential. c. autorhythmic potential. d. action potential. Save Answer Question 34 of 100 When you begin to contract skeletal muscles, what is the first source used to replenish lost ATP? O a. glucose O b. creatine phosphate O c. glycogen O d. fatty acids and ketone bodies Save Answer

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