Which of the following A. It is an enveloped virus, with an i correctly describes the appearance of the Herpes s an enveloped virus, with an icosahedral capsid that protects d viruses are? DNA core. a double stranded B. It is a non-enveloped virus, with a single stranded RNA core. double stranded RNA It is an enveloped virus with a polyhedral capsid that pro RNA core D. It is protects a is an non-enveloped virus, with a single stranded DNA core 35. Which is NOT true about the AIDS epidemie? A. Most transmission worldwide is vertical (mother to baby) B, we estimate that about 35 C. The epidemic in Africa has been going on longer than the D. In million people are currently infected worldwide one in the US some countries over 35% of childhood deaths are caused by AIDS 36. What are the criteria set out to diagnose someone with AlDS other than being HIV positive? A. They have a CD4 count less than 200 per ml of blood B. Their CD4 cells are less than 14% of all lymphocytes C. They have or have had one or more CDC listed AIDS defining illnesses D. Any one of the above would meet diagnosis criteria for AIDS ( aka ALL of the Above) 37. Which of the following viral families contains the virus that causes an infection of the salivary glands that can be prevented with a vaccine? A. Coronaviruses B. Paramyxoviruses C. Arboviruses D. Retroviruses 38. Which of the following is not transmitted via an arthropod vector? A. Leptospirosis B. Lyme disease C. Rocky Mountain spotted feve D. Epidemic typhus E. Human Ehrlichosis 39. Yaws, Pinta, and Bejel are all diseases that A. are slow, progressive skin diseases that can spread to deep tissues. B. are sexually transmitted. C. are caused by arthropod vectors. D. are caused by Vibrio species. E. are respiratory tract infections.

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