Which of the following effectors would NOT be activated as described below in response to hypovolemic shock?     
      Adrenal cortex releases aldosterone
       Kidneys conserve salt and water
       Heart rate increases
       Systemic arterioles vasoconstrict
       Heart contractility decreases

The systemic circulatory route carries blood from the _____.     
     right atrium to the right ventricle
       right ventricle to the left atrium
       left atrium to the left ventricle
       left ventricle to the right atrium
       left ventricle to the coronary sinus


Which of the following categories of hypertension drugs lowers blood pressure by slowing the influx of calcium into vascular smooth muscle and cardiac cells?     
       ACE inhibitors
       Beta blockers
       Calcium channel blockers
       Anabolic steroids

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