Actin A. is found in brain cells B. forms part of the cytoskeleton of eucaryotic cells c. helps white blood cells and amebas phagocytose bacteria D. all of the above E. B and C but not A 39. Which of the following is not a carbohydrate? A. deoxyribose B. starch c. polysaccharide D. sucrose E. All of the above are carbohydrates The term “acid-fast” relates to which of the following: A. Tuberculosis B. Mycobacteria c. Hansen’s Disease D. A and B only E. A, B and C 41. Which of the following foods or drinks is not made by microbial fermentation? A. Sour Poi B. grape juice c. Miso D. Sourdough bread E. Shoyu 42. A human urine specimen is measured to have a pH of 10.2, this urine: A. is considered to be acidic, with a high concentration of Hions B. contains many more protons than hydroxyl ions c. should contain bacteria if it came from a patient with an untreated bladder infection. D. is considered to be in the neutral pH range E. Both A and B

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