When we compare the structures and functions of arteries and veins, we find that the walls of arteries aret the heart. and the blood is moving the blood pressure inside arteries is a. thicker, higher; away from b. thinner, lower, away from c. thinner, lower, towards d. thinner, lower, towards e. thinner, higher, away from 30. What acid is responsible for stomach acidity? a. hydrochloric acid b. carbonic acid c. sulfuric acid d. acetic acid e. sodium hydroxide 31. Which of these is the functional unit of a kidney? a neuron c, nephror d. alveolus 32. Under the influence of antidiuretic hormone (ADEH), the following, is produced a. urine containing more glucose b. bloody urine c. urine containing alower concentration of urea d. more concentrated urine e more concentrated urine 33. Which of the following is a function of the excretory system? a. elimination of nitrogenous wastes b. maintenance of salt balance c. production of urine d. maintenance of the water balance c. all of the above Which of the following is filtered from blood but not normally found in urine? 34. a. water b. red blood cells c. H. ions d. Amino acids e. Urea 35. The filtrate formed by the nephrons in the kidney is not urine. The filtrate is first refined and which form the urine that leaves the body concentrated by the processes of a. filtration and secretion b. reabsorption and secretion c. reabsorption and excretion d. filtration and reabsorption e. secretion and excretion

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