Which of the following is a property of both facilitated diffusion and simple diffusion? A. In both cases, molecules in the solution will move from a higher concentration to a lower concentration. B. Simple diffusion requires a specific receptor c. Both require the addition of energy, usually in the form of ATP D. Both require a semi-permeable membrane E. Responses A and B are correct 2. Proteins A. Proteins are polymers of amino acids B. Proteins will take on a particular shape based on the non-covalent attractions between the R-groups of the various amino acids in the polypeptide chain c. Proteins will rigidly maintain a constant conformation even if the temperature, pH or salt concentration around them changes D. both A and B E. A, B and C 3. What is true about the outer membrane of the cell wall that is found in certain bacteria? A. It is commonly found in gram positive bacteria B. It contains LPS and is also called endotoxin c. It can form a barrier to antibiotics During infections caused by these bacteria, the outer membrane can provoke shock and death E. All of the above except A D.

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