Which of the following is an advantage or a disadvantage is using recombinant viruses as gene herapy? a replication and disease genes canm be inactivated or cut out h ane can onily deliver a limited amount of genetic material c rejection might occur re mighte an undesirable target e all of the above 2 Germ-line therapy is also kmown as gene doping and can be used to enhance athletic performance. b) is approved in Europe for correction of certain disorders c) triais have resulted in the death of some patients and were therefore halted. 4) modifies the genomes of eggs or sperm e) is the most common form of gene therapy currently in trials 43. Werner’s syndrome is thought to ocur in only 1 out of 100,000 people. However dominant fashion. What statement is true? it is inherited in a that the children of this person will get There is a 50%chance ifane person has Werner’s syndrome Werner’s There is a 25% hanethat ifthe parents are arries forWerner’s that the children witges c. There isa0.001% chance that a child will get Werner’s ifa parent has it or is aamer d. There is a mistake in how Werner’s is inherited; since t occurs at such as low frequency it is really not e. Fifty percent of the children of one parent with Werner’s will get Werner’s e4 Fearflyitis, an autosomal recessive trait occurs in about 1 out of 10,000. What is the probablity of heterozygotes of this trait? h 01 c 02 d 04 45 Which of the following is NOT an intended consequence of genetic engineering of animals and plants? h reduced pesticide use C imOY ised resilience d enhanced lavor and nutrition 46 Which of the following are results of GM foods? a papaya that are resistant to Papaya ringspot virus salimon that grow twice as fast as non-GM salmon c plants that are resistant to glyphosate or Roundup herbicide d goiden rice that contains elevated amounts of vitamin A e All of the above 6

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