Which of the following lymphaticC.6. Which group of lymph nodes purifies lymph from the head? a. organs is in the thoracic cavity? a. spleen b. thymus gland c. palatine tonsils d. none of the above axillary lymph nodes b. lumbar lymph nodes cervical lymph nodes d. jugular lymph nodes which of the following structures is NOT associated with lymph nodes? a. afferent lymphatic vessels b. hilus c. medullary sinus d. Hassall’s corpuscles ーー2. MALT is found in the walls of all the tracts listed below except the: a. reproductive b. digestive 7, spinal d. respiratory Which of the following is not one of the tonsils? 3. Which of the following statements regarding the thymus gland is NOT true? a. It is an endocrine gland. b. It is the site of B-cell maturation. c. It is divided into two lobes. d. It secretes thymosin. 8. a. maxillary tonsils b. lingual tonsils C, palatine tonsil d. pharyngeal tonsils Which of the following choices lists lymphatic vessels from smallest to 9. Which of the following statements largest? 4. regarding the spleen is NOT true? a. It is located in the abdominal cavity. b. A central artery goes through the a. capillaries, vessels, ducts, trunks b. vessels, trunks, ducts, capillaries c. trunks, capillaries, vessels, ducts d. capillaries, vessels, trunks, ducts white pulp The red pulp is also called splenic nodules. c. 5. Which of the following does NOT d. It serves as a reservoir of red blood match a lymphatic trunk to the area it drains? 10. Which of the following is NOT an event a. lumbar-stomach b. jugular-head c. subclavian-arm d. bronchomediastinal-thoracic of the inflammatory response? a. capillaries dilate to allow fluid into the tissues b. lymphocytes release histamine c. tissue damage produces pain d. phagocytes engulf pathogens cavity

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