Which of the following is true of enzyme characteristics? (a) enzymes catalyze reactions when a substrate binds to the allosteric site (b) enzymes catalyze reactions by increasing the activation energy (c) enzymes do not exhibit specificity and a single enzyme can catalyze various different reactions (d) enzymes lower the activation energy of specific reactions, speeding up the reaction rate

2) Microbial growth is measured by what parameter? (a) increased cell size (b) increased size of cellular components (c) increase in total number of cells (d) a & b

3)During aerobic cell respiration, most of the energy is produced during… (a) Krebs cycle (b) glycolysis (c) fermentation (d) electron transport chain

4)Which of the following is the best definition of generation time? (a) the length of time it takes for lag phase to occur (b) the length of time it takes a population of cells to double (c) the minimum length of time it takes a cell to divide (d) the length of time a culture stays in stationary phase

5)Bacteria make exoenyzmes in order to… (a) make structures within the bacterium (b) synthesize large molecules of carbohydrates, proteins, and nucleic acids (c) hydrolyze large molecules to smaller ones so that they can be transported into the bacterium (d) none of the above; bacteria do not make exoenyzmes

6)Which of the following is NOT true of using a spectrophotometer to measure bacterial growth? (a) measurement is based on turbidity of the broth culture (b) this method accounts for both dead and viable cells (c) this method uses the transmission of light through the broth culture to estimate concentration of cells (d) this method requires serial dilutions prior to measurement

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