Which of the following is true regarding the three ß subunits of the F1 complex during ATP synthesis? a. They have different affinities for ATP but not for ADP b. They have different affinities for ADP and ATP C. They have different affinities for ATP and ADP d. They have different affinities for both ADP and ATP e. The three B subunits function independently of each other 18. SDS-PAGE separates polypeptides primarily based on a. charges of the amino acids b. number of amino acids C. the ratio of mass/charge d. number of amino acids e. number of disulfide bonds 19. If the rate of mRNA synthesis determines the rate of protein synthesis. When the rate of protein synthesis is 900 amino acids/min, what is the rate of mRNA synthesis? a. 2,700 nucleotides /min b. 900 nucleotides /min C. 450 nucleotides /min d. 300 nucleotides /min e. It cannot be determined

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