Which of the following proteins are most directly activated by binding of growth hormone to its receptor? Src and Smad IRS and Sos Phospholipase C-beta and phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (P13-kinase) Jak and Stat Protein kinase A (PKA) and CREB Question 34 2 pts An obese 55-year-old man visited his physician because he was experiencing shortness of breath, was fatigued easily, and had edema (swelling) in his legs. This was accompanied by high blood pressure. His physician diagnosed congestive heart failure and prescribed Nesiritide a form of recombinant BNP (bone natriuretic peptide), to dilate the arteries and reduce blood pressure. Which protein kinase is initially activated in response to this agonist? Protein kinase G (PKG) Protein kinase A (PKA) Protein kinase C (PKC) JAK Akt (protein kinase B) A 45-year old man presents with blood in his stool. Work up reveals a Stage 3 colon carcinoma plus many polyps in the colon. A family history reveals that both his father and grandfather had colon cancer when they were in their 50’s. Which of the following is the most probable initiating event in the development of this tumor? Loss of beta-catenin activity Loss of Wnt activity Increase in APC activity Increase in Bad activity О ЈАК Increase in beta-catenin activity Question 36 2 pts In the diagram pictured above, what are the molecules identified by the boxed letter A what enzyme creates them, and what protein motif is used to recognize those molecules? Inositol 1A5 trisphosphate (P3): phospholipase Cgamma SH domain phosphatidylinositol 34,5-trisphosphate (PIP31:13-kinase (phosphatidylinositol k e PTB domain phosphatidylist 45-bisphosphate (PIP2 phospholipase c o m not trishosphate phosphatidylin d er phosphatidylitol 3:45-trisphosphate (PIPPI 3-kinase iphosphatidylito do

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