Which of the following statement(s) isare) true about restriction enzymes? discovered in bacteria cleave the phosphodiester bond in the backbone cleave the peptide bond in the backbone produces random fragments recognizes specific sequences 2. Suppose the restriction enzyme Sisuli binds a site that is 7 nucleotides in length. How often (how many base pairs) does this enzyme cut DNA? Your answer must be numeric. 3. In PCR, after 5 rounds of replication, 3 initial copies of target DNA will be amplified to how many copies? Your answer must be numeric. 4. When sequencing DNA by chain termination, the terminator nucleotide is missing a 2′ OH is missing a 3′ OH missing a phosphate is missing both 2 and 3′ OH 5. You are interested in a single stranded DNA molecule that contains the sequence S’ GATTACA 3′ (great movie by the way). Which complementary probe could you use to hybridize to this sequence? S’GATTACA 3 S’ACATTAG 3 5’CTAATGT 3′ 5’TGTAATC 3 6. You wish to create a transgenic mouse that is completely hairless. You introduce the appropriate mutation into embryonic stem cells and implant those cells into early embryos. Those embryos are placed in a surrogate mouse who then gives birth to the first generation of mice. These mice are further bred. Which of the following isare) true? First generation is completely hairless Second generation is completely hairless Third generation is completely hairless Second generation is heterozygous Second generation are crossed with each other First generation are crossed with each other

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