Which of the following steps are NOT part of Oxidative Phosphorylation in Cellular Respiration? NADH acts as an electron donor As electrons are passed through a series of membrane proteins, H+ ions are across the membrane against their gradient There is a higher concentration of hydrogen ions (H+) on one side of membrane compared to the other Movement of H+ from high concentration to low concentration drives the production of ATP (chemiosmosis) None of the above- all of these statements are part of Oxidative Phosphorylation in Cellular Respiration. a. b. c. d. e. TP 13.During anaerobic glycolysis (without oxygen – when lactic acid is produced) how many A are gained per molecule of glucose? a. b. 2 c. 34 d. 36 e. 14.Which of the following is FALSE regarding fermentation (low oxygen levels) in yeast? a. It produces lactate b. It produces CO2 c. It produces ethanol (alcohol) d. It produces 2 ATP (gained) 15. If your muscle cells used alcohol fermentation instead of lactic acid fermentation, which of the following might occur? a. Your cells would make more ATP in anaerobic conditions. b. Your cells would not be able to produce ATP in anaerobic conditions. c. You might become drunk when sprinting to catch a bus. d. Your cells would recycle less NADH to NAD+ in anaerobic conditions. e. Your cells would release less CO2 in anaerobic conditions. 16.Why does chlorophyll appear green in color? Because chlorophyll a absorbs green light wavelengths a. b. Because Chlorophyll a absorbs all wavelengths of light c. Because chlorophyll a reflects and transmits green light wavelengths d. Because chlorophyll a reflects and transmits yellow and blue light wavelengths e. None of the above are true

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