Which of the following study is a controlled study that examines how genes influence a trait A) Two genetically different mouse strains were fed the same diet, and their weight was B) Twins living in the same household were examined for high blood pressure measured as they grew up C) Seeds from a pure-breeding plant were planted in soil with high or low nitrate conten D) Seeds from a salt tolerant plant was planted in soil of high salinity and its growth was E) All of the above and the growth of the plants was then measured and compared compared to that of a salt sensitive plant in soil with low salinity 31. Find the correct statement (may require you to draw pedigrees and Punnett squares) children that are AB galactosamine and galactose sugars chance of being either AB or O A) A father with A blood type and a mother with B blood type, will always produce B) A person with ii alleles will produce red blood cell that contain glycolipids with C) A person with the A blood type can only give blood to an A or O individual D) If an AB father conceives a child with an O mother, the children have a 50%-50% E) Each person has three alleles of the blood type gene F) The A allele is codominant to the iallele G) A person with a B blood type will produce antibodies against the A blood type antiger 32. The cells of alligators only have autosomes (no sex chromosomes). Gender in alligator is determined by the temperature outside the zygotic egg. The default sex in alligators is female and the temperature influences whether genes that direct gonads to take on male characteristics are expressed and function properly. Alligator gender is determined by? A) Sex-linked genes B) Epistatic genes C) Pleiotropic genes D) Incomplete dominance E) Environmental effects on genes F) No genes at all

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