Steroid hormones, such as testosterone, pass through the plasma membrane and bind to an intracellular protein, as shown in the diagram below. The hormone-receptor complex then enters the nucleus, where it interacts with DNA to promote transcription of a specific gene SIGNALING DIAGRAM FOR STEROID HORMONES Steroid Hormone Plasma Membrane Intracellular Protein Hormone- Receptor Complex Nuclear Envelope DNA Target-Gene MRNA Protein Ribosome Based on the information presented, which of the following will also occur in response to steroid signaling? (A) Histone protein synthesis will increase because histones maintain the DNA in an optimal conformation for chromosome assembly (B) Ribosome production will increase because ribosomes are specific for the mRNA with which they bind during translation of the hormone-receptor complex to the DNA of the binding of the hormone-receptor complex to C) DNA replication will increase as a result of the binding (D) Production of a specific mRNA will increase as a result the DNA

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