Which of the heart chambers contains the thickest layer of myocardium? Right atrium All chambers contain equal amounts of myocardium Right ventricle Left ventricle QUESTION 2 The four layers of the heart from superficial to deep are Pericardium -> myocardium -> epicardium -> Endocardium Endocardium -> epicardium -> myocardium -> pericardium Pericardium -> myocardium -> epicardium -> epicardium Pericardium -> epicardium -> myocardium -> endocardium QUESTION 3 A normal heart rate, stroke volume, and cardiac output at rest is (all the multiplication is correct) 75 Beats x 70mL = 5.25L/min 5 Beats x 1.05L = 5.25L/min 150 Beats x 35mL = 5.25L/min 200 Beats x 200mL = 40L/min QUESTION 4 Blood always flows in what direction? Towards the heart Away from the heart From high pressure to low pressure The same direction as gravity Given the picture what stage of the cardiac cycle is the heart in? Atrial Systole Atrial and Ventricular Systole Ventricular Systole No way to tell

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