Which phase of menstruation (uterine or ovarian) is always a constant 14 days? b. The follicular phase. s. The proliferative phase. 4. The menstrual phase. c. The luteal phase. More than one of the above. 26. Which of the following statements is true regarding Mittleschmerz? It is pain at ovulation b. It is pain at menstruation. c. It is caused by contractions of the uterine tubes due to stimulation by prostaglandins. a. It is caused by the rupture of the follicle at ovulation. 6. More than one of the above is correct. 27. HCG is initially secreted by if the egg is fertilized. b. The placenta. c. The embryo. d. The corpus luteum. e. The follicles. The pituitary gland. 28. What takes over the production of progesterone from the corpus luteum about three months into a pregnancy? b. The placenta. 6. The embryo. 4. The follicles. c. The corpus luteum continues secretion. The pituitary gland. 29. This gland is the target organ of FSH. b. The follicles of the ovaries c. The corpus luteum of the ovaries 4. The endometrium 6. The pituitary gland 4. The hypothalamus

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