Which protist has the least ngid shape? Amoeba Red algae C. Foram D. Diatom E Green algse discovered protestan 7. If you are examining a sample of new looking at a A Red algae a. Foram C. Stramenopile. D. Ciliate. E. Parabas alid. 8. Alvealates are characterized by A Mitochondria that do not an outer mitochondrial membrane 3Membrane enclosed sacs under the plasma membrane Membrane enclosed nuclei, each with more than one nuclealus D. Flagella that lack mierntube t. Abundant ribosomes that pack the cytoplasma 9. Which type of organism causes a “red tide A. Dinoflagellates. 8. Water molds C. Green algae, D. Euglenoids. E. Brown algae A member of the sporozoan group that can cause diseases A. Penicillium B. Chlomydomonas Poromecum

what increased a male child’s risk of developing diabetes

name 3 things often encountered in our lives that many now believe can change our epigenome. 

Which horizontal gene transfer event does the donor cell survive?

conjugation or transduction

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