How long an individual lives, when s/he reproduces, how many babies they have, how big the babies are examples of A .Such traits can A among individuals of the same species in the same population. In the guppy experiment, populations naturally exposed to different levels of A show David significant differences in Reznick and his team hypothesized that these differences were A and constrained by a A A between and offspring number. To test their hypothesis, they moved guppies from A sites to A sites (where there were no guppies before). They predicted that the mean offspring size should A and the mean offspring number should A After Ą, they found that the mean offspring size was significantly A, and the mean A ,th offspring number was significantly A their prediction. These results demons A in a Hide hint for Question 10 Words bank : a few days / adaptive / behavioral / competition/convergent evolution/ correlation / decrease / eleven generations / evolutionary stasis/high-predation/increase/larger/ life history traits / low-predation/morphological / natural system/mean offspring size and number / offspring size / parasitism/predation/random/rapid evolution/refuting / smaller / supporting / trade-off /vary

Which region of the nine abdominopelvic regions is inferior and medial to the left lateral (lumbar) region? epigastric B. umbilical pubic (hypogastric) right lateral (lumbar)

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